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Redefining being alive.

Located in the foothills of the Adirondacks in the beautiful and scenic wilds of Colton, New York, this minimalistic boutique inn offers  intimate luxury over night accommodations, treatments that look at the root cause of disease, women-centered functional medicine workshops, health-driven cooking classes and our small batch, house-made apothecary chocolate inspired for the journey back to your own wisdom.

Here at Five Elements Living, we embrace a life well designed. Guiding you to incorporate intentional living practices that enhance awareness, deepen relationships, and cultivate self knowledge.

Call us at (315) 262-2622 or via email at info@fiveelementsliving.com to learn more.

Shelby Connelly, Acupuncturist and founder of Five Elements Living


Five Elements Living TV features Shelby Connelly interviewing wise women, healing spaces, holistic practitioners, and unique experiences that highlight relaxation and renewal.

Upcoming Events

Sacred Circle

Sacred Circle Wise Women's™ Mentorship Spring & Fire Element

AM : Tuesdays starting March 10th through April 7th, 10:30AM-12PM
PM : Wednesdays starting March 11th through April 8th, 6-7:30PM

Tuition is $105

Sacred Circle Mentorship is a Wise Woman, Lifestyle Medicine, Wellness Coaching experience taught within the container of Yoga and the Rhythms of Nature (because we are nature):

  • Functional Medicine-Nutrition-Movement
  • Herbs for Health Promotion
  • Nature’s Cycles
  • Mind-Body-Spirit Well-Being
  • Balance of the Five Elements

For more information, see https://www.paulayoumellrn.com/5th-sacred-element-ether-spirit

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