Therapeutic Massage

Massage is a natural and proactive way to relieve stress and tension, enhance metabolism, boost immune system function, improve posture and performance, balance the nervous system and improve circulation!

Massage For People With Cancer

This comfort oriented massage is safe for anyone living with cancer or a history of cancer. Special considerations are given for their treatment.

An Eastern Approach To Oncology Massage

This eastern approach is used to assist clients who are suffering from side effects of radiation and chemotherapy and to help support their internal organ and immune systems.

Genereal Mastectomy & Radiation Scar Tissue Release

All techniques are of a gentle nature to be respectful of the potential traumas held within the treated tissues, the compromised nature of the lymphatic system and the residual effects of radiation therapy as well as surgery.

Ramsey Thomas, LMT

Contact Ramsey:
(315) 244-5874

Customized Massage Therapy
Personalized orthopedic, oncology, pregnancy or relaxation massage session. 

30 minutes – $35 | Series of 5 – $150
60 minutes – $70 | Series of 5 – $300
90 minutes – $105 | Series of 5 – $450

120 minutes – $140

TMJ Massage Therapy
45 minutes – $50 | Series of 5 -$225

Additional Services :
Hot Stone – $80

Aromatherapy Session – $35